A Most Worthy Free Collection of Sims 4 Mods

For those of you who’ve arrived here and don’t know what a mod is yet, please allow us to enlighten you. Simply put, mod is short for modification. When you play Sims 4 without mods, you are playing with the vanilla “factory settings.”

Mods will alter some aspects of the game to exceed your imagination and ambitions. Some mods make the game far more realistic, and some mods will make the game absolutely unbelievable. 

Here are some other possibilities for Sims 4 mods:

  • Make the characters more interesting
  • Speed-up gameplay
  • Make the environment more interesting
  • Cure the boredom of your Sims’ mundane existence


For now, we will show you some of the more interesting mods that Sims 4 has to offer. They will be categorized by Gameplay Mods and Character Trait Mods. 

Sims 4 Mods – Gameplay Mods

The possessed child

Let’s start off with a crowd pleaser. If you want to add some spookiness to your simulated world, let Jonathon into your life; a tortured child’s soul that returns to take revenge on his abusive father. Jonathan’s spirit will kill anyone who gets in the way. He’s a vicious lil spirit: he kills via repeating head stabs, lightning strikes, soul stealing, and biting. If he’s getting to be a downer – you can also visit his grave to banish him to the underworld. Download here. 

Become a sorcerer 

If you’ve always had an inclination towards magic (or you are in fact an actual wizard) you can hone your powers with this mod. There is literally an entire subplot to discover your magical powers, develop them, and earn a reputation as a sorcerer. When you’ve graduated through the ranks, you are truly a bad-ass Gandalf floating around in an orb of light. Download here

Extreme violence 

Okay this Sims 4 mods is 18+ because as the name suggests, there is extreme violence. Maybe you’ve had enough of your sim-family and sim-neighbours, or perhaps it’s just a curiosity (you little psycho).. Either way, this mod opens Pandora’s box of every murderous intent that lives in your sim-character’s little soul. Download here. 

Zombie apocalypse 

I think it’s obvious why this made the list: who doesn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned zombie raid? This mod is seriously well done and includes wicked features like an assault weapon forged to kill a giant “Nemesis” mutant-zombie, and the heartstring-tugs that pull when a mother loses her child to the zombie plague. Download here. 18+

Sleep naked mod 

Don’t give me that look. You know how good it feels. There’s actually a lot of benefits to sleeping naked and your sims will tell you all about it – if only you’d relieve them of their oppressive pajamas. Download here, because why not?

Simda datin app 

After some time with the creeping tendrils of loneliness, your Sims may need some companionship. You can find matches to date (compatible partners – not tiny exploding sulphur sticks)..  go on a blind date, or just get down to no-strings-attached business. Everyone’s doing it. Download here


Character Trait Mods

Eternal life

Who doesn’t want to live forever? There is a catch though… (there’s always a catch when you drink from the fountain of youth). Let’s play a little game called “Would you rather?” Would you rather be immune to aging but vulnerable to death, or never die but surrender youth to live forever decrepit in diapers? Your choice. Download here

Zodiac traits

Essentially, this Sims 4 mods offers a range of preset character behaviours based on the zodiac assigned to each character. Like astrology signs, zodiac signs are supposedly based on cosmic laws and energies and influence personality according to birth dates. Depending on which month each character is born to, they will inherit the personality traits that correspond to the zodiac sign. Download here if you’re into that stuff.  

Alcoholic trait

I really only put this here for me. Maybe I can learn from my mistakes in a simulated environment and work out the structure of my dependency. If my little sim-buddy can face his fear, then perhaps I can face my fear. Download here.  

Slice of life

This mod adds a real touch of humanity. I always thought that the characters of Sim 4 were too stoic. This mod transforms physical and emotional responses into more realistic ones. You may get pimples, or blush from embarrassment. It changes the way you react in your relationships, adds memories, and 17 new emotions. Download here

Road to fame 

This Sims 4 mods is kinda lame, but you basically become a big deal with some fame and fortune tossed in. It pairs well with the alcohol trait. Download here

Angel and demon trait 

If you want to be an angel, go ahead, no one’s going to stop you. This mod will give you the dainty wings and you can do nice things and grow flowers pretty good. However, this mod adds some serious fun if you’re more prone to darkness. After all, it’s not healthy to keep it locked up inside. Get your wings horns here

There are boatloads of Sims 4 mods out there – most of which can be combined. However, if you’re still getting left-swiped on Simda as an immortal, new age borderline-alcoholic-celebrity-sorcerer who’s extremely violent, sleeps naked, and may or may not be possessed by a dead angry child – I don’t know what to tell you. 


There’s always God Mode

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