Where to Get Robux Free in Roblox

We’ve all been here, really. At one point, we have all tried scouring the internet to know if there’s a way to Robux free, because we’ve already spent so much in the game and we still have so much more to get. We can even argue that we did pay before, so a bit of free stuff won’t hurt, right? We just really want to know you can actually get Robux for free.

And the universality of this experience makes so much sense—majority of Roblox’s players are from the younger demographics, so it’s not like you have disposable income yet to spend for a game. Your parents might disapprove even the first sign of spending in a game, actually! So that means you have to find a way to get Robux free, so you can at least get access to the items you want in-game.

After all, isn’t it so unfair that you have to work so hard in your game to get all these weapons and items, while some people can just pay for them and overtake your progress?

Enter these sites claiming that you can get Robux for free as long as you try them out.

It can truly be enticing sometimes to just try out these websites, because who knows, right? Maybe you’ll actually get Robux free of charge!

But can you really, though?

Let’s see.

Websites to Use to Get Robux Free

A quick scan of the internet will direct you to numerous websites claiming to give you free Robux. They call themselves “Robux Free Generators,” “Robux Mines,” “Unlimited Robux free” and so on. They all give the same great promise—they’ll actually let you get Robux free, if you just use whatever Robux application they use.

But, if you actually try looking for these same resources a few months after, you’ll find that they’re surprisingly gone.

There’s nothing left of them. They go as quickly as they’ve come.

You know why that is? It’s because Roblox actually cracks down on these websites.

You see, these websites are sham. They claim to give you free Robux, but the reality is that you cannot get Robux for free! There’s no way to get Robux free of charge, no way to just earn a certain amount of Robux per day without actually doing anything.

So, Roblox monitors the appearance of sites that claim to do just that, and makes sure they get closed. After all, these sites are preying on users of Roblox—they prey on the people who made Roblox what they are now.

If they’re shams, then, what do they actually do, if they don’t give you Robux at all?

The quick answer is: they waste your time, and potentially harm whatever machine you’re using.

Here’s how: These websites all say the same thing—somehow, they’ve found a way to get past Roblox’s security, and can package their code as actual money sent in payment of Robux. All you need to do is give them certain information, and they’ll share this miraculous method with you.

Let’s break this down:

  1. They ask you to enter your username

The usual information they ask of you would be your username, as well as what platform you are using.

Some of them will even try to build credibility by claiming that they are simply asking for your username, but not your password. That means that, they are, in no way, trying to get the credentials to your account. This is meant to build your trust in them, since you get the feeling that there’s no harm in trying since you won’t be giving away sensitive information. So, why not try it, right? After all, there might still be a reward waiting for you.

If you do a quick check on these websites, though, you can just enter a fake account name – or even account names not allowed in Roblox – and the process will still proceed as in a real account. That’s enough proof of the shady nature of these websites.

  1. They show their progress in connecting to your account

After you give them your username and platform of choice, these sites will display some sort of message that the transaction is starting. They’ll say that they have miraculously connected to your account, and will be sending you your desired amount of Robux.

Sometimes, to make it more convincing, they even display messages saying they initially failed to connect to your account, and then try a few times before they display the same success message.

Then, they’ll start “initiating the transfer” of Robux—though there really is no transfer taking place.

  1. The transfer fails and they’ll ask you to take a survey or quiz

After fooling you into believing that they were actually able to connect to your account – and it can really be believable, especially if you trust that they’ll actually deliver on their promise – they will now create an “excuse” for not having sent the Robux to your account yet.

Their usual excuse would usually be either that there has been an error in connecting to your account, or that they have to confirm you aren’t a bot.

Whichever excuse they use, their next step would be the same—they’ll ask you to answer a quiz or survey on the website. After you answer one, though, you’ll think you’re already done and you can get your Robux.

But no! The surveys will go on and on and on until you’re tired of answering.

This is where they actually make money—they’ll make you answer a lot of surveys, and they’re paid a share for each survey a site user answers. For people who are not familiar with how these things work, they’ll be answering survey after survey, reaching a whole lot of numbers before they stop. They might keep thinking that the transaction will be successful after the next survey they do, so they keep trying—and these sites all prey on the people who have this kind of mindset.

The Robux really will never come, though.

At the end of it all, your time and efforts are wasted, the sites make money, and you end up with no additional Robux in your account, to boot.

More severe cases can end with your account phished by the sites, or with your machine a huge number of malware and virus from these sites.

Some sites would ask for your log-in credentials. They would claim that they would need your username and password so that they can use the generator in your actual account, and send you Robux from there.

If you aren’t familiar with scams like this, you may be hoodwinked by their claims and actually give away your log-in information. You will get locked out from your account as a result, and will lose your progress in the game and all your hard work.

It’s even worse if you’ve had payment information linked to that account—they may then use your credit card to buy themselves items using your money, and send it to their actual accounts afterwards.

Others, meanwhile, will ask you to download a program to facilitate the Robux transfer to your account. These programs, you might learn the hard way, are just nothing but a computer malware designed to wreck whatever machine you’re using.

Either way, in the end, you might really just end up spending so much more than what you would if you just purchased Robux from legitimate sources.

The best scenario is thus really the scam detailed here—at least, you just have to answer a couple of pointless surveys and waste a bit of your time. At the end of the day, you still have access to your account and a working computer. Some, sadly, aren’t as lucky.

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Where to Actually Get Robux

At the end of the day, the only place you can get Robux from is through the Roblox website.

Sadly – and much to even our own disappointment as well – there’s no free way to get Robux. You can’t get Robux freely; you have to pay for it, or work hard to get it.

The way we all know to get Robux is the only way to get it—get a monthly Premium subscription to Roblox, or purchase every now and then at the following amounts:

  • $4.99 for 400 Robux
  • $9.99 for 800 Robux
  • $19.99 for 1,700 Robux

Robux can be purchased through the shops in the browser, mobile, and in Xbox.

If you feel you need more, and you’re confident you will still love Roblox dearly for the foreseeable future, at least, then why not get a Roblox Premium subscription? You get more Robux for the same price, and you even get to enjoy a couple more perks for the game!

The three tiers of membership for Premium membership are priced the same way one-time payments are priced. However, as this is a subscription, you’ll be billed monthly for this until you decide to stop your subscription. At least, though, you won’t have to worry about getting billed by Roblox even when you don’t play anymore—just stop your subscription anytime, and you’re good to go!

Here are the most recent prices for the monthly subscriptions, and how much Robux you get for each, as stated in the Roblox website:

  • $4.99 for 450 Robux a month
  • $9.99 for 1,000 Robux a month
  • $19.99 for 2,200 Robux a month

Extra benefits for Premium users are more avenues to get Robux: first, you can resell your old items, so you can get rid of items you outgrow as you progress through the game but get paid for them, still!

You can also trade with other Premium members, which isn’t a way to earn Robux, but is a way for you to avoid spending more than needed, too!

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to weigh the benefits of one-time purchases and of getting a full-on subscription to Roblox. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you will have Robux credited to your account, and you might even be happy that you’re supporting the game you love!

Roblox has always been free to enjoy and free to explore for its many users, with free content popping up every now and then for its users to enjoy. Let’s continue in that direction for now, rather than trying to find ways around the game by looking for avenues to get Robux free of charge.

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