Get Exciting Items With this Roblox Promo Codes List for September! 2020

Want to add more items to your collection, but running out of Robux to use? Or maybe you just aren’t sure where to get promo codes in the first place? Whatever it is, we’ve got you!

Looking for Roblox promo codes can really be a tiring endeavor, especially when you don’t know where to start. If you are just starting on your Roblox journey, it’s hard to know what previously released promo codes are still available to use—so we’ve decided to bring you all of them with this ultimate Roblox promo codes list for September!

Through this Roblox promo codes list, you won’t only find out which codes are still available to use; you’ll also get to understand promo codes a bit better—from what they are, where to (and NOT to!) get them, and how to redeem them.

Getting one step closer to your desired look in Roblox doesn’t seem so difficult anymore with this Roblox promo codes list—and much, much more!

September Roblox Promo Codes List (Active ONLY)

Before we proceed to the actual Roblox promo codes list, we’d like to remind you that Roblox promo codes are only generated by Roblox themselves. We have no way of creating promo codes ourselves—and no one does, too! This Roblox promo codes list only contains all known active and free promo codes so far.

Name of Item (Game)

Promo Code


Crystalline Companion
(Island of Move)



Kinetic Staff (Island of Move)



Hustle Hat (Island of Move)



Cardio Cans (Island of Move)



Speedy Shades (Island of Move)



Fully Loaded Backpack



Cake Cape



Spider Cola



The Bird Says




Please note that these codes are subject to changes; they might be available now, but expire tomorrow!

This is also just a list of known free promo codes so far; if there are items that become available in the future, we’ll be adding them to this list. Likewise, promo codes that expire will be removed.

What are Roblox promo codes?

You might be wondering—what’s the point to the Roblox promo codes list above?

Well, during important dates, such as holidays and milestones, Roblox releases promo codes either through Twitter or during their streams. These promo codes can be likened to presents that Roblox freely offers its loyal players—after all, promo codes are your ticket to claiming free items in game.

The codes are your typical codes—a combination of letters and numbers, that are designed to let players claim free items or accessories for their respective Roblox accounts.

These gifts have a catch to them, though! You have to be quick in claiming these promo codes and redeeming the items that come with them—otherwise, you might face serious disappointment when the codes expire.

Expired codes cannot be claimed anymore. That’s regardless of whether you have been playing ages before the promo code was released or not. Once the redemption period is over, the item isn’t free to claim already, either!

That’s why, while you still see that “active” status for a promo code, it’s best to redeem the item it’s for already. More information on how to claim items via promo codes can be found below.

In a sense, the items that come with promo codes can be seen as limited edition collectibles—you only get them for some period of time, and they might not even be available for selling afterwards. The great thing about promo codes is that they’re free, though!

That’s also why Roblox promo codes list like the one on top come in handy—whether you rely on Roblox promo codes lists in the internet or you keep track of the promo codes your own, having a list helps you ensure that you’re able to get all of the items you want! It can be easy to miss items if you aren’t careful, so lists greatly help in that regard.

If you’re just starting out and you know a lot of people who have a lot of items more than you do, fret not! There are still items that you can claim now, for free! Just check out the Roblox promo codes list here on this page.

After claiming all of those, you can now start keeping track of newer promo codes to pop up, so you can quickly expand your inventory.

Roblox codes

Where do I get promo codes?

Roblox promo codes are released only by The Roblox Corporation, and no one else.

Even distinguished players, streamers, and creators of the game cannot make their own promo codes, so if you must get information on where to get Roblox promo codes from, make sure to only check out official Roblox channels!

Their releases are typically done via Twitter or through their streams, so just make sure to follow them for updates on new promo code releases.

Sadly, Roblox does not maintain a comprehensive Roblox promo codes list—so it’s up to us players to take note of the promo codes they release, and to check if there are some we missed or haven’t claimed yet!

That’s why there are Roblox promo codes list like the one you found here. There are other websites that also collate promo codes the same way—what you can do is to crosscheck these ones with the list you already have to determine if: 1) they’re reliable, and 2) you have missed any of the entries in their respective lists.

Now, these are the only known ways on how you can get Roblox promo codes, so make sure to stick to them for now! In searching for Roblox promo codes lists, you are likely to encounter frauds and scams, so make sure to stay away from them.

We’ll expand more on what you need to know about unreliable Roblox promo codes websites.

Roblox promo codes lists to avoid!

There are generally three kinds of websites that you have to avoid when it comes to looking for comprehensive Roblox promo codes lists. These are websites that either ask for your money, ask for your log-in information, or claim to give promo codes for Free Robux.

Let’s talk about each one in more detail:

  1. Websites that ask you for money in exchange for promo codes

If you ever encounter websites that claim to generate promo codes in exchange for a small amount of money, you can be sure that’s a scam.

As mentioned before, only Roblox releases promo codes. Even people well-known for their contributions to Roblox cannot generate promo codes on their own. Hence, there’s no way that a random person on the internet can have the ability to make you promo codes.

Also, Roblox never charges anything for their promo codes. After all, the beauty in promo codes is exactly in that they are absolutely free, with no strings attached—so anyone who claims differently is likely out to scam you instead.

  1. Websites that ask you to give your Roblox account credentials

Roblox will never ask for your username and password just to give you promo codes. Promo codes are given for free, publicly, so there’s no need to give sensitive information like your username and password just to access it.

While you have to log into Roblox to redeem the item tied to whatever promo code you hope to use, you only have to do so in claiming the item already. So, you should not and don’t have to give your username and password to anyone. You’re also only supposed to log into your actual Roblox account anyway, so the log-in page is something you’re very familiar with already.

Given that, any website asking you to log in somewhere outside of the official Roblox website is not to be trusted, either! You can only claim your promo code in the Roblox website, so you absolutely don’t have to go to other websites. These are websites that most likely aim to steal your information, so that they can access your account and lock you out of it.

Certainly, we all don’t want to lose access to our Roblox accounts, so it’s better to avoid all of these websites right away. If your password for Roblox is also your password for your important accounts in the internet, you’re also further exposing yourself to threat.

  1. Websites that claim to give you promo codes to acquire Robux.

Roblox promo codes are strictly for items you can play in game. That means that you cannot use promotional codes to get any amount of Robux! Any website claiming otherwise is not trustworthy, either.

Robux promo codes do not exist. Roblox has never released any kind of promo code to give its players Robux instead of items. Like websites we’ve mentioned above, these are probably just websites that aim to get your information, or even to send you malware or virus for your computer.

As established multiple times in this article, just make sure to stick with websites you know are safe – Roblox and their YouTube channel and Twitter account, for example – and you’ll be good! It’s also good to manage your expectations—promo codes aren’t that many, and can only be claimed once, so keep that in mind as you look for more ways to get them.

Roblox promo codes

I already have a promo code—what comes next?

The final step you have to take is redeeming your item using the promo code.

It’s not a difficult process, either! It just takes a few minutes of your time, and can all be done in the Roblox website.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the Roblox account you want to receive the item in. You won’t receive it otherwise, so make sure you’re logged in to the correct account.
  2. Go to the Roblox website and access
  3. Enter the code, and press “Redeem.” You should get a message that says, “Promo code successfully redeemed!” if your code still works. If it unfortunately doesn’t, you’ll instead be greeted with, “Invalid promo code.”
  4. Check your account for the item.

Follow these four steps and you’re done. The item automatically gets added to your inventory upon successful redemption, so you just have to make sure you’re checking the correct category in your inventory.

Do all of these, and you’re set to enjoy Roblox even more with the different avatars and items you can use on your account. Make sure to check out our Roblox promo codes list from time to time to keep yourself up to date with the latest items you can get, and what codes to use to get them!


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