How To Get Free Spins in Coin Master and Other Tricks

Coin Master is quickly rising in popularity. As of October 2019, Coin Master has been downloaded over 81 million times, making it one of the top free single-player casual mobile gaming applications. While the game features no gratuitous violence or content that is harmful to young audiences, it still does have a casino-element in it, thanks to the free spins in Coin Master. The spins give you opportunities you need to earn coins and advance in the game. Because the game is interactive, free, and enables players to truly unleash their creative powers, it has been a big hit and continues to rise in popularity. If you’re getting started with this game and you’re looking for ways to enhance the experience and get the most out of the game, try these tricks. They’re guaranteed to help you enormously;

1. Build Comrades To Get Free Spins on Coin Master

One of the most underrated game strategies you can use to get free spins on Coin Master is to build comrades. It’s a strategy that will pay off in the long term, so don’t hope for instant gratification. Just like real-life situations, when you create a network of friends, you’re more likely to succeed because support can rescue you out of a difficult situation when you need it most. This idea works on the principle of “a favor for a favor”. Help someone out – help them defend themselves against a raid, give them a good collector’s card, or help out in some other way when they really need it. Once you have a network of friends in your debt, you can ask them to repay you by gifting you a few spins. If you can do this with 5 or 6 people, you can gather a decent number of free spins.

2. How To Send More Than 5 Cards A Day

It might not be as exciting as free spins on coin master, but sharing more than 5 cards a day with your friends on Facebook certainly adds a good degree of fun to the game. Coin Master limits you to 5 per day but who says you have to abide by that? We’re not generally in favor of rule-breaking but this one is so easy, it’s irresistible. The simplest hack ever? SImple change the date on your phone. You need at least 24 hours between changes. A number of players swear by this trick. We haven’t tested it ourselves so you’ll have to give it a bash and let us know if it worked. You can do this as many times as you want to. Alternatively, if you uninstall the game and reinstall it, your card shares for the day are also refreshed.

3. An Active Pet Gives You Extra Powers

Did you know this trick? Understandably most people are pursuing free spins on Coin Master and as a result, they miss some of the most exciting tips and tricks for a more enjoyable gaming experience. If you feed your pet, you have additional powers for up to four hours! This is a great trick to use if you plan on bring online for the next few hours otherwise it isn’t really worth the pet food. It can help you to achieve a considerable amount in 4 hours. If you’re only going to be online for a short while, make use of the fact that all players are entitled to a free pet for 15 minutes in a 24-hour period. That can help you to get some major achievements quickly.

4. Buy Chests As Often As Possible

Did you know that you should be spending about 1 to 1.5 billion coins on chests in every single village? Surprised? This game is about a lot more than just free spins in Coin Master. Every village has a selection of rare cards and you need these in order to progress in the game. Invest as much as you can on these chests in the villages. You want the rare gold cards, they will help you to advance in the game. This can mean hanging around in a village for a longer period of time in order to get the coins together to afford the investment. In some villages it is really important, the villages where you are more likely to find the rare gold cards. How can you tell when you’re in one of these villages? Check if you are in a Boom VIllage. You have a greater chance of finding rare gold and precious cards. You can learn which are the Boom Villages by checking out this post, it explains how Boom Villages work and how to tell when you’re in one.

5. Earn VIP Player Status

We never said all of the tricks were simple and easy. Becoming a VIP player on Coin Master isn’t straightforward, it takes some work but it’s a long term investment that’s really worthwhile. No one really knows how to secure yourself an invite but rumor has it that you have to spend real money on the game. There is no hack or shortcut for becoming a VIP player, you have to be invited by Coin Master. It’s not something you can work towards by using your free spins on Coin Masters. Once you earn this privilege, the game becomes a lot of diverse, you have more power and better privileges. It’s definitely worth pursuing if you want to unlock the best aspects of the game.

6. Join Communities And Build A Network

We mentioned how important it is to build yourself a team of comrades when you are establishing yourself in the game and looking for ways to earn free spins on Coin Master. It’s not just important for free spins, though, building a community network can also make it easier to defend yourself against raids from others – if you build a co-operative group of players who all defend each other. This is similar to what Vikings would have done in real life. You can do this by joining some of the Facebook Groups. Joining these groups will also enable you to trade cards and exchange tips and tricks with other players. It’s a tremendous amount of fun when you are part of a community. There are global groups on Facebook and local groups. Join a number of groups to establish which ones you like the most. Be ready to share too – give before you expect to gain – that’s one of the most important tips when you want to start networking. People wat to help someone who has helped them first.

7. Open Multiple Coin Master Accounts

In order to have multiple Coin Master accounts, you need to have a separate Facebook profile for each account. What are the benefits of added Coin Master accounts? They’re called baby accounts because they act as an offshoot from your main account. If you advanced quickly very early on in the game, baby accounts enable you to go back and find more of the rare cards ad the gold in the chests in villages. It’s probably not the ost ethical tip because strictly speaking, you have to bend the rules but if you missed out early on in the game, this is a way for you to double back and find the treasures that will help you get ahead as you progress.

8. Have A Game Strategy In Place

It’s not all about free spins on Coin Master, there’s much more to the game. With most casino games, it’s all about winning and it’s all about doing it as quickly as possible (in order to minimize the chance of incurring losses). With Coin Master, it’s different. You want to have a decent strategy in place and realize that you are not only working towards short term advancement, spins, and unlocking treasures, you’re also working towards a long term goal. Your long term goal is to have more power – what you do in the early stages of the game will give you that. This is why it’s important to befriend fellow players. You also want to ensure you don’t miss out on important cards and gold early on in the game because those become very important later on. Another way to work towards making yourself more powerful later on in the game is try not to rush through the villages. Take your time to unlock all of the treasures and complete all of the steps. It’s important not to skip ahead too fast.

Free spins in Coin Master are limited to 5 per hour. By saving up your free spins, you can achieve some fairly momentous tasks and advance quickly in the game. There are many other tricks too, but these will give you an advantage over your short term gameplay and your long term gameplay. Rather than spending hours on Google looking for hacks, work on your game strategy. That will ensure you are more powerful when you finally advance to the later stages of the game.

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