How to Get Robux Free: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve been around to play Roblox for a long time, you’ll know that there’s virtually no way to earn Robux in the game if you’re just a casual player… even when Robux is a currency widely-used in the game.

Many of us, for sure, have wondered long enough if there’s a way on how to get Robux free—after all, not everyone has the ability to spend actual money for the game, regardless of how much we love Roblox!

Now, you might have been sorely disappointed before by the numerous scams you’ve encountered in the past. Worry not, though! Earning Robux freely via “Robux generators” or even through playing other games where you supposedly can exchange their currency to Robux isn’t what we’re talking about here.

The good news is that there really is a viable, legitimate method on how to get Robux free—but it’s not going to be easy. In a sense, it might actually be better not to call it as getting Robux for free, since the more accurate term is that you will be earning Robux!

This method requires hard work, dedication, and commitment on your end, since it’s all about creating a new game in Roblox.

As you know, Roblox is a platform that encourages its players to explore, experiment, and create. Creating an account is free of charge, and so is accessing most of the games created by Roblox players like you. Thus, it makes sense that even developing games fit for consumption and enjoyment of millions of Roblox players would also be free to do.

Through this guide, you’ll discover the different avenues by which you can utilize games to earn Robux for your account.

Let’s get started!

How to get Robux free through creating a game

We’ll be talking in-depth about how to get Robux freely through the many avenues you can explore as a Roblox game developer: selling game passes, creating and selling in-game items, and even selling access to games.

Before all that, though, let’s talk first about how you can create a game through Roblox.

You can create games for free via the Roblox Studio. This is the only engine through which you can create game content for Roblox—it’s designed to be intuitive and user- and beginner-friendly, and allows for your creativity as a game creator to shine at the same time.

Roblox Studio can be used in different devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and consoles. Through this platform, you will immediately be able to reach the millions of players using Roblox, eager to look for new things to try out.

According to the Roblox website, creating a game is as easy as doing the following steps:

  1. Click Create at the top of the website to start creating your game
  2. Go to Games under My Creations
  3. Click Create New Game
  4. Let your creativity run wild! Choose and edit the settings and templates you will use for your new game
  5. Once you’re done, click Create Game

Make sure to make your game Public once you’re satisfied with how it works! Making it public will introduce it to the millions of Roblox users who can then try it out.

Once your game is up and running, you can start exploring different options you can try to earn Robux from the game you just created. However, note that you shouldn’t make earning Robux your only motivation for creating a game—if you sell overpriced items, or make your game an entirely pay-to-win one, you’ll lose trust from your players and end up with no players and nothing earned in the end.

Still, thinking of strategies to monetize your game isn’t an evil thing to do; you just have to make sure that these things benefit both the players who have money to spare, and also free players, who are not put at too much of a disadvantage despite being unable to buy anything.

In monetizing your game, some things you can check think of doing would be the following:

how to get robux

Selling Game Passes

Game passes are one-time purchases for users who play your game. What they do, essentially, is to give players abilities or distinct advantages in your game—for example, power-ups for the game or items unique to game pass users, among others. These are free to create, and the benefits you’ll give your players are up to you as a game creator.

It’s also up to you how much you will sell the game passes for. However, note that you aren’t supposed to be getting all of your players’ money only from this feature—otherwise, you won’t be able to get people to play your game.

Game passes should also be optional. Keep that in mind. Your players should feel compelled to buy the game passes not out of a need to do so, but because they thoroughly enjoy your game and would like to explore it a bit more. That way, you are not only facilitating a way for your players to be happy, but will also be able to reap the benefits of your hard work for creating a game.

Robux you will be earning for game passes sold will not be readily available in your account, though. They are placed in a pending status (which you will be notified of) for at last three days before you are able to receive it. Pending sales are all in the Summary Transaction Tab in your account.

Don’t also expect to receive the full amount from your transactions. All of these are subject to a transaction fee, so some part of the purchase will go to Roblox.

Creating In-game Items for Purchase

The process of creating a game doesn’t just end in having finished it. You should be ready to keep updating your content and thinking of ways to further entice players to continue playing. You should also spend time to market the game to new players who may want to consider playing your game.

To this end, creating in-game items or currencies can be a good avenue to explore.

In-game purchases can either be done one-time or repeatedly. One-time purchases usually come in the form of permanent items that they cannot purchase once again, such as game passes, access to restricted areas, or even special items for avatars.

Repeatable purchases, on the other hand, usually apply for in-game currencies (not Robux) in the game you have created. Players, for example, can opt to buy game packs, or more of your in-game currency, to buy other items in your game store. If you want to directly transact via Robux, short-time power-ups are usual repeatable purchases for some games.

If your game becomes a big hit, this is a sustainable method on how to get Robux free. With more players enjoying your game, you are also guaranteed to have more purchases and consequently more Robux in your account.

As with game passes, these are subject to a fee. They also take time to be credited in your account.

Selling Access to Games

Another thing you can explore is to make your game accessible only after players pay for it. This is a bit risky, though, since doing so might deter other users from playing your game, particularly if they don’t have enough Robux to pay for it.

For this to work, you have to make sure that your game is unique enough that people will be curious to give it a try despite its price. Also, you have to make sure that the quality of your game can justify the need to make it paid in the first place.

Don’t turn to this option just because it’s the most straightforward way to earn Robux from players—if your game is full of bugs and has multiple errors, people will be disappointed for having paid Robux to access the game.

Thus, rather than being a way on how to get Robux free, you might even end up with a liability—games that are flagged by players can be quarantined forcibly until all problems are fixed. You will just end up with a responsibility to fix, then, rather than earn Robux freely.

If your game is a success, people won’t even think twice about paying to access it. You can sell game access for around 25 to 1,000 Robux—it’s up to you. But just imagine how much passive income you can get only if you allot your time and effort and are passionate in the development of the game.

These are a few methods you can explore if you really want a way to earn Robux passively in the game. However, as mentioned, the process of creating a game does not end in its deployment—you still have to check its progress and update the content regularly so that people can continue enjoying what you did.

Also, though it really is a way on how to earn Robux freely – and even cash, if your game ends up being a huge hit – remember that creating games is an art. Hopefully, the whole experience isn’t just a money-making scheme on your end, but also an experience you’ll find fun and enjoyable.

How to get Robux free as a Premium member

If just the thought of creating a game is enough to make your head hurt, perhaps you can consider simply creating items and selling or trading them. This option, however, requires that you have a Premium Roblox membership, so you will have to shell out some money before you are able to take advantage of this feature.

The good news, though, is that you can add much more to your monthly Robux allowanceif you decide to go with this option! All you have to do is to create clothing designs for shirts, pants, and t-shirts. These designs can be sold in the marketplace, where other players can buy them for a specific price.

As with the options stated above, these transactions are subject to a transaction fee—30% of the Robux for a player’s purchase goes to Roblox, while the remaining 70% is yours to keep. Expect the Robux to reflect on your account after three business days, though, as will other transactions.

Where to buy Robux

If you really want Robux but cannot see yourself trying to get them for free, the only other option is to buy it from the Roblox shop.

Prices for both buying options (one-time and subscription) are the same for all three tiers. The prices and their benefits are as follows:



One-Time Purchase

Premium Subscription


400 Robux

450 Robux


800 Robux

1,000 Robux


1,700 Robux

2,200 Robux


There are two options in buying Robux: first, a user may opt to buy Robux occasionally, for one-time use. This is usually done by players who don’t intend to buy a lot and are simply playing Roblox casually. If there’s no need to buy more Robux in the foreseeable future, it simply makes sense to just buy what you need one time, and buy after a while if the need arises again.

However, for more dedicated gamers, Robux can also be purchased using a monthly Premium subscription. That means you pay the same amount of money monthly, and you get a monthly allowance of Robux for your account.

These are the only ways on how to get Robux free (or not, if you end up buying Robux) and nothing else. Free Robux generators, free Robux codes, and all sites who claim to give you free Robux are likely scams and nothing more.

Robux, it appears, is a currency you really can’t get for free; but, the good news is that Roblox is very friendly even to players who don’t plan on shelling out any money, so you can always find a way to enjoy the game no matter what.


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