Earn Free Robux: Get Rich in Roblox With Our Amazing Guide

So you want to know what is Robux? And how you can earn free Robux? While I’m going to tell you in detail so buckle your seatbelts. Robux is a virtual currency of a game Roblox and it is used to make purchases in Roblox games and for many different things on the Roblox website.

This article should answer questions such as:

  1. Do you need Robux to play Roblox?
  2. What is Robux used for?
  3. How can you get free Robux without buying it?
  4. How do you buy Robux?

First off I’ll tell you exactly where you can view how much Robux you currently have. If you have a Roblox account and you are already logged into it then you can view it in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Do you need Robux to play Roblox?

The answer is simply no, you don’t. However, Robux can improve the Roblox experience by unlocking new paid games, new items and it can be used for microtransactions and most of the games found on Roblox.

 What is Robux used for?

So what exactly can you buy with Robux? The great use for Robux is game passes with game passes you can unlock a Roblox game permanently on your account which would otherwise be unavailable for free. An example of a popular game with the game passes is “Welcome to Bloxburg” which has an entry fee of 25 Robux.

Most of the game passes cost around the 25 Robux mark. However, some gear can cost a lot more such as “Black Iron Katana” which costs 2500 Robux for entry. Another use of Robux is to purchase items such as clothing from the catalog tab on the Roblox website. Yet the biggest use of Roblox by far is for in-game microtransactions.

Most microtransactions are focused on speeding up the rate of progress and games by giving characters beneficial items or boosts as an example in the game “Med City” players can purchase cash which is used to purchase vehicles such as the plane which allows players to gain more in-game med city cash faster. However, some microtransactions are purely cosmetic such as changing the paint job of a car.

Additional use of Robux is promoting a self-made Roblox game or a Roblox group with advertising. It should be noted that most developers and group owners often don’t need to borrow bucks as they probably already have in Roblox by selling something they’ve created so this would probably only be done by a creator who’s just starting.

How can you earn free Robux without buying it?

In summary, you can get free Robux by either:

  1. Making a Roblox game with some form of monetization in it

If you play Roblox which you most likely do you know that the developer’s individual players on the Roblox website do make the games for the platform. Roblox the company just facilitates the website and everything about that. But the people of Roblox actually do make all the games.

Free Robux

For example, as shown in the image above the game “Welcome to Bloxburg”. You can see the person’s name is “Coeptus”. Now a lot of people speculate that this person is actually some known developer on Roblox but no one really knows but either way this person did make this game right here without any help from Roblox whatsoever.

They just made this game on their own I mean they got some help from some other people but basically, they did everything themselves and they put a lot of time and effort in and they made a really good game. Obviously, this game is super popular 2.8 billion visits and approximately 80,000 people playing it right now and it has 20 million sales. This game sells at 25 Robux and it has made 326 million Robux just from selling the game.

If you put the time in and you get good at developing you can definitely make a really good game and maybe it will get as popular as “Bloxburg”. Now, you are going to need to learn how to script something like that you’re going to need some sort of skill to actually make a game. But if you put the time in and you go look at some tutorials online their tons of them you’ll definitely be able to learn some skills.

  1. Working for a Roblox Developer

Making a game can be very difficult sometimes. You don’t know what to make it can be kind of a headache to actually make the game. You might not know how to make everything and sometimes running ads for your game to get it boosted can be really difficult and not to mention sometimes really expensive.

So if you want to skip the headache of running your own game what you could do is learn a skill in Roblox studio and learn a skill with developing where that could be maybe scripting, building or it could even be something like art and you could just go ahead and offer your skillset to people that already have a game.

For example, if we talk about the studio known as “DreamCraft” and this is the studio that has created the “Adopt Me” game. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this game and at this point, it’s breaking numbers basically every day 600,000 people playing it which is insane.

This game has a lot of developers on it and then most importantly you have developers which 100% do get paid. Now developers I don’t know what they do for the game exactly these could be builders, scripter’s whatever but they definitely have worked on the game and they have achieved this role and at one point in time, they have probably received Robux.

They don’t most likely have a percentage in the game just because it makes so much Robux but they probably have got some payments and coming from a game this large the payments are probably pretty good.

If you’re just starting out trying to develop for people on Roblox I would definitely not go for some massive game right here because they’re definitely looking for some experienced people that know what they’re doing.

Note: Be careful who you do work with because there are no guarantees on anything you can’t like always set an exact contract for something so you might get scammed so just make sure you work with the right people if it seems too good to be true or if they’re kind of shady you might just want to back out.

  1. By making Artwork

There are a lot of people trying to buy art on Roblox and most of the time it can just be for personal use maybe it’s for YouTube or maybe it’s for Twitter. But there’s also a very big market for art to be made for games.

Now some people might think that the person who made art pieces probably don’t get paid that much and I really don’t think that’s true. There are developers out there that pay quite a lot of Robux to have some good artwork done for their game. I’ve heard of game path icons that have been sold for 25,000 Robux a piece.

Obviously, if someone’s paying you that much they’re probably going to want a really good piece of art so you’re going to have to be somewhat talented. I mean don’t expect to get paid 25,000 Robux right off the bat. If you’re not very good or if you’re new to the scene but if you make a name for yourself and you do get pretty good at it you could start getting some pretty big payouts.

  1. By investing in Roblox games

This is method is going to be for probably really rich people on Roblox. Now I don’t mean really rich you don’t need a million Robux to do this but you are going to need probably like 10,000 to 50,000 Plus. For example, I have 200,000 in my account and this is actually a pretty good amount to invest in Roblox games.

You might be wondering what is investing in Roblox games mean. Well, this can mean helping games maybe get off the ground where you help pay some developers to get a game running or this can mean where you’ve just loaned some Robux to someone to put advertisements into their game or the group in exchange for a percentage or a pay.

Now there’s a huge disclaimer on this you have to watch out for scammers because people could easily just take your Robux and run away with it this has happened lots and lots of times to people. So you have to work with the right people and don’t do a deal if people are shady but if you are to invest in the right thing and maybe you get a 10% cut on a game that makes 10 million Robux you’ll just be a million Robux richer.

Many more options for earning free Robux are unlocked if the builder’s club is unlocked such as:

  1. Selling custom design clothing
  2. And trading items on the marketplace for a profit now the most

How do you buy Robux?

The common method by far for getting Robux is just simply buying it. So how do you do that? There are two main options for buying Robux.

  1. Gift Cards: Firstly if you’re buying Robux as a gift for someone else you’d buy a gift card from a participating retail store. The gift cards come in different Robux amounts at varying prices depending on which country you’re purchasing them in.

  2. Roblox website: If you’re buying roebucks for yourself you’d use the official Roblox website store. As for how much Roblox costs on the screen are the main purchasing options offered by Roblox with purchases ranging from a $5 option through to a $200 option.

Also in the table below I’ve put up a price comparison of the default Robux rate and Robux rate with builder’s club:

Robux per $USD

Robux per $USD (With Builder’s Club)



















So you can probably quite clearly see that Roblox is trying to heavily encourage the purchase of larger Robux amounts with their price discounts. The boldest plan has also been heavily promoted by the way of additional Robux discounts. You should now know a whole heap of stuff about Robux.

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