All The Gear You Need To Game-Stream Like A Pro

Game-streaming is a wonderful, and yet relatively new facet of the entertainment world – an insanely popular medium that allows gaming to collide with comedy, charm and an abundance of personality.

As the years have gone on, the vast streaming communities that house themselves on YouTube, Twitch, and beyond have made it quite clear that there is a lot of potential to be found in the pursuit of a life and career in streaming.

It may seem far-fetched, but setting yourself up to game-stream has never been easier.

Though equipment costs can vary based on your preference, getting yourself off to a good start is likely a lot more affordable than you might have thought.

So with that in mind, we’ve decided to compile a quick and easy start-up guide that will allow you to begin down the path of becoming a live-streaming gamer.

Excellent Microphone

It goes without saying that poor sound quality is an instant turnoff.

You can have all the charisma and technical gaming skill in the world but if your audio is lacking, you’re going to lose viewers before you have even had the chance to catch their attention.

To say that this investment is of great importance is the understatement of the century but fear not, securing yourself a high-quality, cost-effective microphone will not put as much of a dent in your wallet as you might imagine.

Standouts such as Blue’s Yeti and the Elgato Wave 3 come in at around the $130 to $160 mark – with both offering a slick and professional sounding microphone that any veteran streamer would be more than satisfied with.

If you feel like shelling out a bit more for a premium-level product, look no further than the RODE NT USB – a mic that serves as a small step up from the other two while offering an additional layer of elite-tier results, leaving you with a hugely impressive means of broadcasting your voice out to the world.

Gaming Headset

When you’re deep into a long session in the chair – as will likely be the case in the game-streaming life of your dreams – the last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair of headphones that are more of a chore to wear than anything else.

Thankfully, finding the balance between a pair that are a delight to pop on your head and ones that are a reliable source of clear and colourful audio won’t require as much of a financial leap as you may have thought.

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 seems to be the go-to pick when shopping on a budget – a set that brings both comfort and a surprising amount of customization to the exact sound you’re trying to get.

The upper-tier of options features the outstanding HyperX Cloud Orbit S, an elite level set of headphones that combine large Audeze planar magnetic drivers, impressive 3D audio technology and a versatile design, although, its price-tag will certainly be off-putting to some.

But you’re paying for the quality of production here and overall, they feel like a classy piece of kit, making for a comfortable, rich sounding headphone that’s perfect for whatever use you try to make of it, gaming or otherwise.

High Quality Webcam

Few things are as important in the world of live-streaming as a solid, reliable webcam. It’s your gateway to the viewer’s heart, your chance to get your face out there and make an impression.

Again, this is one of those essential pieces of equipment that will be a big priority for you as a streamer and wading through the near-endless ocean of different webcams can be tricky.

First up, the Logitech Streamcam certainly looks the part on paper with its 1080p, 60FPS capabilities, its autofocus feature and trusty Logitech Capture software – which allows you to tailor its performance in a way that suits you.

However, if you’re looking to hit two birds with one stone, industry staples Razer came through with a wonderful 2-in-1 offering with the Razer Kiyo – a webcam that also doubles as a miniature lighting unit.

You do lose out on a small bit of quality as a result – with 720p/60FPS or 1080p/30fps standing as the device’s limits, but all in all, the Kiyo is a more-than-worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a compact package that can be used in a number of interesting different ways.

Suitably Comfortable Gaming-Chair

Ah, the gaming-chair.

Comfort is well and truly king when it comes to the world of both gaming and live-streaming in general. If you’re looking to deliver to your potential in terms of your content, believe us, it will be a lot easier to do so if you are sitting in a comfortable seat, completely at peace while honing your skills.

Thankfully, a wide range of gaming chairs exist – tailored to every possible size or requirement.

Those looking to avoid breaking the $500 mark will be happy to learn that the likes of the GT Racing ProSeries and the Secretlab TITAN will offer two different levels of budget-friendly pricing that do not skimp on quality in the slightest bit.

But if you do find yourself yearning for a truly lucrative option, the GDXHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair, which comes with a hefty price-tag of $850, is without a doubt one of the best gaming chairs ever made.

Look at buying one of these chairs like buying a new friend, one that will stay with your for years to come.

Capture Card

It might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of setting yourself up as a streamer, but oftentimes, the capture card can be the priciest item when it comes to getting a solid foundation below you.

The Razer Ripshaw HD is without a doubt among the very finest available capture cards on the market right now – allowing gamers to record and stream up to 1080p and 60FPS, while allowing you to play up to 4K and 60FPS.

On the other hand, the AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus is a streamlined capture card that can run without the aid of a PC beside it – making it an invaluable tool that trims all of the unnecessary fat involved with regular capture cards, resulting in a fast and easy-to-use unit that is nothing short of a pleasure to work with.

Decent Set Of Lights

Of course you’re going to need a good lighting set-up!

Without them all of the work you’ve done in buying a suitable webcam will be for nothing.

So where to begin? The Neewer Dimmable Ring Light is known to most as a classic within the area of lighting – bringing an 18-inch, dimmable ring light with a pair of plastic filters (coloured orange and white).

A starting price of $85 might seem like a lot for something as seemingly basic as lighting but again, you just cannot cut corners when it comes to ensuring that you’re bringing a sufficient level of quality to your production.

For those of you who understand the subtle power of a good set of lights, we would urge to look into the Elgato Key Light Air – a fantastic set of light panels that top out at around 1400 lumens with a colour range that comes between 2,900k and 7000K.

Green Screen

And finally, you’re going to need a green-screen.

Whether you decide to shell out on a luxury option – such as a Elgato Collapsible Green Screen or simply make one yourself, hiding whatever it is that lies behind you and your gaming chair is an absolute must as you seek to draw the viewer into the action that is occurring on-screen.

Once you compile everything else on this list, you should be just about ready to dive into the live-streaming life you always wanted for yourself.

Best of luck with it all!


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