Free Robux: Easy Way to Get Them INSTANTLY in Roblox [2020]

free robux

In a game as wide and varied as Roblox, if one thing can be said for certain, it’s that Robux are incredibly important.

Whether you play casually or if you’re devoted developer, earning enough Robux is absolutely crucial as you look to make your gaming experience as fun and fruitful as possible.

So how does one go about earning themselves as a healthy amount of Robux and more specifically, is there a way to get free Roblox?

Well, you’d be surprised just how many routes there are towards generating free Robux.

Indeed some require more work than others but if you follow our guide, you should be able to at the very least get yourself on track to become a high-earning player before too long.

So with that being said, here is our guide on how to get free Roblox.

How Do I Get Free Robux?

There are many different ways in which you can earn free Robux to spend on your character. These range from completing surveys and watching videos to downloading specific apps.

As much as it’s fun to earn your way to the top, who can resist the opportunity to get free Robux. The following methods are simple and safe ways to bring your Roblox experience to the next level so without further ado, let’s get into our guide on how to get free Robux.

Create Your Own Roblox Game

Although this step certainly requires a strong knack for creative design, if you do manage to strike gold and make a popular Roblox game, you could well earn far more in the way of free Robux than any of these steps ever could.

As we’re sure you already know, Roblox is an amazingly immersive and creative platform – offering players a near limitless amount of possibilities in terms of the creation of original content.

Given how detailed its game development tool is, the freedom is there to create incredibly detailed games from scratch – allowing you to truly leave your stamp on whatever it is that you come up with.

No prior experience in coding is needed, given the interface in place, and with a plethora of resources available to you online, getting started on your own Roblox game has never been easier.

As far as how this relates to you earning free Robux, well, in keeping with their overall encouragement of creativity, Roblox will grant you free Robux for every user who signs up for Roblox via your custom game’s landing page.

Simply put, getting in on the game creation scene is by far and away the most potentially lucrative route you can take with an eye on increasing your in-game wealth.

But once you get to this point, why stop?

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Selling Game Passes

To break on through to another level of Robux-earning capabilities after creating your own custom game, why not branch into the world of selling Game Passes for your very own game?

The idea is simple. Game Passes serve as a means of giving players specific perks and abilities.

Now, here’s the interesting part. The perk or ability that your Game Passes provide can be chosen by you, the game’s creator – leaving you free to play to your creation’s strengths while taking in a percentage of the Robux taken in for your troubles.

Whether you want to grant specific items or something more akin to a superpower, selling Game Passes offers another level of control over the game you have created while also standing as a potentially lucrative undertaking for those of you hoping to make some easy Robux.

For all of you prospective entrepreneurs out there, what makes this specific route so intriguing is the fact that you yourself can set the price of the Game Passes on offer – allowing you to test the waters, make notes on performance, and adjust accordingly.

With a sharp business mind, you’ll no doubt be on your way to a consistent income stream in no time.

free robux

Roblox Affiliate Program

One of the very best ways to get free Robux is to sign up for the Roblox Affiliate Program.

So what is the Roblox Affiliate Program, you ask?

Whether you’re a casual player or a committed developer, Roblox will reward you for every single friend that you refer to the game – giving you free Robux every time you sign someone up.

On top of that, every time any friend that you have referred to the game makes a purchase, you’ll once again receive free Robux.

If you are, in fact, a developer, you can use the Roblox Affiliate Program to earn free Robux each and every time someone signs up from your Roblox Game Landing Page.

Roblox Premium Membership

Though we are mainly looking at how to get free Robux with this guide, a small monthly subscription to the Roblox Premium Membership offers many potential avenues that could very possibly lead to the generation of consistently free Robux.

The biggest perk of this investment will come in the form of access to the Roblox marketplace – a place that allows you to buy, sell, and trade items.

Premium membership also gives you a larger share of the revenue from Game Pass sales as well as a monthly stipend of Robux to spend to your heart’s content.

So while it perhaps breaks some rules due to the fact that it is not free, per se, if you are serious about progressing within the Roblox world, a premium membership should be a no-brainer.

With prices starting from as low as $4.99 per month and a literal world of opportunity awaiting you, it’s hard to argue against signing up.

Clothing Customisation

And finally, we have a bit of wildcard with the marketplace feature that allows you to create and customise clothing.

Given how vast in number the world’s Roblox players are, nailing a look that really gets people excited could be an absolute game-changer (excuse the pun) in every sense of the word.

Players within the world of Roblox like to look good, just as they do in the real world, and if you have enough of an eye for fashion that you can create something that stands out, all of a sudden you may find yourself making quite a lot of Robux in the marketplace.

Of course, a premium membership is needed to partake in the customisation of clothing but this route has a potential that rivals and perhaps even exceeds any others on our list.

The only thing that remains if for you to go out there and see which avenue suits you best!

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