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Are you looking for more ways to get items on Roblox? Want more accessories or weapons, maybe? On the lookout for ways to earn Robux in Roblox? Or just looking for promotional codes to use for the game? Whatever it is, this is the blog for you!

Robux is the only in-game currency in the popular game, Roblox. This is typically purchased in the official store for a certain amount of money. This is not to be confused with Roblox promo codes, which are codes released by Roblox for its users to obtain certain items for free at a limited period of time.

Promo codes are only designed to give you items to claim in-game—they’re not, and never have been, a source of Robux! So any site that tells you they can give you free Robux codes are most likely a scam—you don’t need codes of any sort to buy Robux, and no number of promo codes will give you free Robux in Roblox.

That said, this article curates useful information to help you navigate Roblox better—here you’ll learn more about Robux and where to get them, as well as the use of promotional codes in Roblox.

Let’s begin!

Free Robux Codes: Can you actually get them?

Currently, there is no known way to get free Robux. So far, the only place you can get Robux from would be through official channels you can buy Robux from in exchange for real cash.

Websites that claim to give free Robux codes abound on the internet, though! Everywhere, you’ll see sites claiming to give you free Robux in many different ways—you can use their Robux generator to get Robux free, you just have to play their game and exchange their currency to Robux, or you just have to answer a quiz and you’ll obtain free Robux codes to earn Robux for your account.

All of these are not recognized by Roblox—they’re not accepted or regulated ways to get Robux in the game. Hence, they’re most likely – even definitely – a sham. Roblox even encourages its players to report such websites in their page. They are serious with cracking down on people who do such gimmicks in order to to mislead Roblox players.

If you ever come across websites that claim to give you free Robux codes, you can be sure that they’re up to no good. Better close that tab quickly, since they’ll just get your account information or send you malware, rather than actually give you free Robux.

Free Robux Promo Codes

Where to get Robux instead

The easiest and most straightforward way to earn Robux is still by buying it from official channels—the website, more particularly, as well as Amazon (for gift cards).

There are two options in buying Robux: first, a user may opt to buy Robux occasionally, for one-time use. This is usually done by players who don’t intend to buy a lot, and are simply playing Roblox casually. If there’s no need to buy more Robux in the foreseeable future, it simply makes sense to just buy what you need one time, and buy after a while if the need arises again.

However, for more dedicated gamers, Robux can also be purchased using a monthly Premium subscription. That means you pay the same amount of money monthly, and get an allowance of Robux for your account each month.

Premium subscriptions also come with additional perks which members can utilize to save on Robux or even to earn more Robux. Premium members can resell old items they have no use of. They can also trade with other Premium members, so there’s no need to spend Robux in buying other items again and again without getting rid of the ones they don’t need anymore.

They can also create their own items—they are able to create shirts and pants, rather than buying these from the Avatar Shop. They can also sell their own creations and get commission (in Robux) from their items that get bought by other players.

Premium member subscriptions are really the better option for those who can afford to shell out a certain amount of money monthly.

Prices for both buying options (one-time and subscription) are the same for all three tiers. The prices and their benefits are as follows:



One-Time Purchase

Premium Subscription


400 Robux

450 Robux


800 Robux

1,000 Robux


1,700 Robux

2,200 Robux


What are promo codes in Roblox?

Aside from buying clothes and accessories for your Roblox avatar through the Avatar Shop, though, there’s also another way you can get items that will help beautify your character! That would be through Roblox promo codes.

Roblox releases promo codes during special events and giveaways. These strings of numbers and letters – which make up the code – are designed to let you claim free items or accessories for free for your Roblox account.

It is important to reiterate that it is Roblox who releases the promo codes, and not anyone else. There is absolutely no other website that can generate the promo codes for you—whatever code you get from third-party “code generators” will not be valid and won’t get you any virtual good.

Instead, what you can do is to stay tuned for streams and tweets by official Roblox accounts—that’s where they usually release codes, and where you can get reliable information on new promo codes as soon as they get released!

Roblox promo codes are typically available for just a short period of time—that means you have to claim them quickly, or else lose your chance in getting another item you can use to customize your avatar! If you are too late, the code may expire and you won’t be able to retrieve the item anymore, regardless if you’ve been playing before the code was even released.

Again, promo codes are only used for items you can play in-game. There’s no such thing as promo codes that give you Robux, so also be wary of sites that market themselves as such. You cannot get free Robux codes, as Roblox has never released any code to grant their users access to free Robux. There are no free Robux codes for the game—there are only promo codes that let you claim items for free.

However, if you buy official Roblox merchandise, particularly Roblox toys, you may find toy codes you may redeem online. Toy codes are different from promo codes, though, and are only obtained through buying Roblox toys.

Again, promo codes are free—they cannot be purchased, so you better stay clear of websites that offer Roblox promo codes for a small amount as well! These sites are out to scam unsuspecting players who want to get items for free, or for a small amount of price—as you know, Robux can get pretty expensive, and there are items that cost lots of Robux!

There are websites though that combine Roblox promo codes in one place, though, without a cost. However, note that these websites still aren’t sanctioned by Roblox, so practice some care when scouring them.

As soon as you see a site asking you for money, or telling you to give them your username and/or password to get free promo codes, run! Those aren’t reliable sites and they’re just after your information.

Still, there are websites that are pretty reliable, though, and just serve to update users which promo codes have expired and which are still active for use. They’re usually just lists you can access freely so you can just check them out if they’re updated, just in case there are promo codes you’ve previously missed.

Free Robux Codes

How to claim promo codes in Roblox

Once you have a promo code, the next thing you do is to claim it. Again, promo codes are only valid for a certain period of time, so you make the most out of your promo code right away!

To claim the promo code, you just have to go to the Roblox website and access There are also instructions in the same website on how to redeem your item, but we’ll also run you through what you can expect to do.

Make sure that you are logged into the Roblox account you want to receive the item in. You won’t receive it otherwise, so make sure you’re logged in to the correct account. Afterwards, you can head to The Roblox website is the only site you can redeem your virtual item from, don’t forget!

All you have to do in the site is to enter the code in the box you’ll find at the right hand section. Don’t forget to click “Redeem” after entering the code!

A successful redemption of the item will display a prompt, “Promo code successfully redeemed!” If your promo code is invalid or expired, a message will also be displayed, saying “Invalid promo code.”

The item will then be added automatically to your account. You won’t have to do anything else—just head straight to your account and check your inventory for the item. Make sure to check the correct category of your inventory, though!

There you have it! That’s the basic information you need to know about Robux and promo codes in Roblox. Roblox is free to play and explore, and is even made exciting by the occasional promo codes they release for their players to improve their avatars for free.

However, to date, Roblox still hasn’t provided its users a way to get Robux for free—and Robux isn’t necessary for players to enjoy the game, anyway! So, the next time you try to look for promo codes, keep in mind that free Robux codes aren’t available—instead, it might be best to stick with proven promo codes released by Roblox to help make your Roblox character better.

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