Free Roblox: Where to Download Roblox for Free

You’ve probably heard about Roblox—the popular platform containing millions of user-created games that has taken the internet by storm—and are looking where to download a free Roblox program. Launched in 2006 and steadily gaining popularity since then, Roblox now has millions of users from all ages, and it seems to get better from here on.

Whether you are an incoming player who has heard about the game and got interested, or a mom wondering what game your child has been talking non-stop about, this blog will guide you through what Roblox is supposed to be, and where you can download Roblox for free.

Free Roblox Download

Before we move on to where you can download Roblox for free, let’s have a quick background on what Roblox is, and look at what it’s used for first.

Roblox was initially released in its beta version in 2004, and was officially launched in the year 2006. It was defined as, in its core, a creation platform—its users can create their own games for free using the Roblox Studio. At the same time, these user-created games are also available to be played by its users—hence, there are numerous games and unlimited options on what a user can do through the platform.

This is what draws millions of people to play Roblox—you won’t run out of things to do and explore, since you can jump from one game to another. At the same time, it also provides a creative avenue for its users—if you can’t find the perfect game for you to spend your time on, you can create that game yourself, and share it with others! You really can go from games with the simplest concepts, to those with incredibly complex ideas and design.

As of writing, the Roblox website already boasts an average of 3 billion hours of engagement per month from its users, and a whooping total of 37 billion hours played for its users since 2008. There are, at most, 5.2 million users in the platform all at the same time! These numbers just prove just how many people have been hooked into this platform, and why it is constantly gaining in popularity.

Roblox is available to be played at different platforms—currently, it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. There are still a variety of gaming consoles it can expand to, such as the PS4 (or the upcoming PS5) and the Nintendo Switch, so engagement for Roblox is definitely due to increase in the near future. As of now, though, no information is available yet on when Roblox will be coming to these platforms.

If you want to personally explore the magic of Roblox, you can actually create an account and sign up for free at the Roblox official website. In their official website, a free Roblox download can be found for the different platforms it is available for. You can click this link for a free Roblox download.

In-game currency: Robux

Roblox, the game, is not to be confused with Robux, the currency it uses.

While most of the content in Roblox is free for consumption (and you definitely can survive without having to pay anything) using Robux has its own sets of perks.

While games created by users are available for access in Roblox for virtually everyone who uses the platform—again, you can explore every other game without having to pay a single cent, for sure – special items, skills, power-ups, and even skins in each game may not be as readily available. That’s where Robux comes in.

What can you buy using Robux?

Robux is essentially used to purchase a variety of items you can use in Roblox.

Some items come in the form of clothing and accessories that you can change in your character to make it more unique, while there are items that are more oriented towards giving your character special abilities or skills in each game.

A quick scan of the Roblox Avatar Shop will show you thousands of items you can buy. If you are more into improving your overall game aesthetics, the Avatar Shop features practically everything—from animations for your avatar (such as emotes for your icon) to accessories such as hats and ornaments for the hair, face, neck, shoulder, and other parts of your avatar that you can accessorize, there’s bound to be something you’d like in the shop.

If, on the other hand, what you want to do is to climb up the ranks in the games you play, you can also buy gear and weapons in the shop.

As with everything in the Roblox universe, items in the shop include content created by different users of the game. Prices in the Avatar Shop range anywhere from free items and merchandise to millions of Robux. The store also features premium and collectible items, so you’re definitely bound to find something you’ll like!

Going outside of the Avatar Shop, each game also features its own shop, where you can buy game-specific items in. Game passes specific to each game, for example, are also accessible if you have enough Robux.

Game passes provide your character with special abilities or perks in the specific game you are playing, and these perks are determined and assigned by the creators of the game. Game passes are only available for one-time purchase, but they’re sure to give your character an edge in any game you purchase it in. Just remember that the abilities you get from the game passes vary from game to game!

Given the many horizons having a huge amount of Robux can offer players, it’s no surprise that it’s a coveted currency by players heavily invested in the Roblox universe. However, Robux isn’t something you can earn anywhere in the game—it’s something you buy with real money.

So, if you can’t shell out money to buy Robux, but hope to unlock specific features only accessible if you buy them in-store, what other options do you have?

Is it actually possible to get free Robux?

Free Robux? Is that possible?

The quick answer is that, no, it’s not.

There is no easy way to getting yourself more Robux without actually paying anything. Sites that advertise free Robux, or market themselves as a way to get the currency, are nothing but scams. They are untrustworthy, and their claims of circumventing the Roblox code to have free currency are also all sham.

Thus, if you stumble upon websites that call themselves free Robux generators, Robux mines, or free Robux codes —all of those are fake. You’d better close that tab right away and make sure not to click anything! If any, clicking those websites can give you something—but it’s not Robux, but instead virus and malware that can harm your computer. They may even hack your account and take away everything you worked hard to build in the games you’ve played!

According to Robux website, you can only pay money to get Robux. There is no other way. You may either pay for fees for occasional purchase of the currency, or you may opt to get a premium membership subscription which gives a monthly Robux allowance. Of course, the amount of Robux you receive as allowance monthly is tantamount to the amount of money you pay for the subscription.

Roblox, in the first place, is already free, along with the games in it—so there really is credit in supporting the game developers by actually spending money for the game via paying for Robux.

The only other way you can get items without using Robux (so, consequently, without shelling out money) is through the use of promo codes.

However, promo codes aren’t as readily available. They’re also very limited, and only give out a specific set of items which you may not really want.

Where to get Robux free… technically

Again, we’d like to reiterate free Robux websites are just scams preying on the mostly young demographic of Roblox players to get their money. These sites are in no way legitimate. Just save your time and stay away from them.

However, there is a technically free—but also difficult—and enjoyable way of actually getting Robux without spending your money.

If you have talent in developing games, and if you would like to share this talent to Roblox and its users by creating your own game for the platform, then that’s a way for you to get Robux for your account! However, as mentioned earlier, this is a difficult path, and most people create games for Roblox not for the Robux or the money, but for the sheer enjoyment of developing games that other people can enjoy.

Still, earning Robux – aside from real cash, if your game does get popular! – is indeed one of the perks of being a game creator in Roblox.

You see, people spend Robux to buy game-specific items or to buy game passes. Game passes, specifically, are free to create! When users buy these game passes via Robux, the credit they spent goes directly to the game creator’s account, which they can access after three days. Of course, a small transaction free goes to Roblox for facilitating the transaction, but you still get most of the Robux for this exchange!

The same goes for special items in games. As creator, you definitely get Robux off people’s purchases of the items you created for your game.

This is a perfectly legal and legitimate way to earn Robux—in the first place, Roblox was intended to be a creation platform, so it makes sense that its creators are compensated in a myriad of ways!

So, there you have it! This has been a quick look at the Roblox—what the game is about, how it works, and where to get its in-game currency.

Roblox has increasingly been popular, and for a good reason! We can only expect its player base to grown some more, and for the game itself to expand even further.

Once again, signing up for an account is free. Click here for a free Roblox download and sign-up in their official website.

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